Send Traffic to Your Site with These Simple Video Marketing Tips

Video marketing won’t be a disappointment lies so many other marketing ploys because it has so many different opportunities. In this article we will be discussing a few video marketing tips that will help you go a long way.

How you set up the video for your marketing campaign is incredibly important. You don’t want your video to turn out to be dull in quality. It doesn’t matter how much it costs them to view it; even free content is viewed harshly if the quality is bad. The dark background has to go but you want to keep the bright lighting, especially if you care about quality. When you talk about the lighting don’t make it super bright; you only want it bright enough so that the viewers can watch easily. A plain white background is the best way to avoid accidentally having an inappropriate background. No matter how small you think these things are, they still count toward making a better video. If you’re going to be appearing in the video, make sure you look professional, because after all it’s your marketing message. When you’re going to film the video, your camera needs to be of high quality. You don’t need to buy something that is super duper complicated and expensive but you also don’t want a bargain basement web cam either. The presentation of your video will either help think positively about your business or it will give your audience the wrong idea about your business. There are many small ideas and details that you should keep in your head when it comes to giving a quality video but you’ll just have to learn those as you go along. The main reason videos don’t make a good impression when they are used to market things is that they either go off on some tangent or they are pure fluff. Your video should be short and get to the point quickly; it should not go off on tangents or take forever to watch. People like to consume information in small doses when they are on the internet–no matter if it is through video or text. If you want the best results from your video, focus on the positive selling points. Don’t spend a bunch of time introducing it, just get to the point you want to make. It is important for every video you make to have a unique selling position (or USP) and you should make sure that your USP is said within the first ten seconds of your video. You are going to face times when you are going to want to give away a bunch of content. Resist this urge–remember, the purpose of this video is to send traffic to your website. So leave the viewer wanting for more and you’ll do well.

Other than the title, what else stands out about a video when viewers are looking through online videos?

Yes, the thumbnail stand out. Yes, that is right; your chosen thumbnail could cause your video to be popular or unpopular with the viewers. This is mainly because people are more than likely to click through to your video if they like the thumbnail picture. But this should be a good excuse for you to put a deceptive thumbnail on your future videos. Your goal is to provide a thumbnail that matches your message and pique their curiosity.

The tips that we discussed above might seem simple, but on the long run, they will help you get lots of response from your videos. So work on quality and not quantity.

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