Simple Benefits of Article Marketing that You Should Know

Just as in so many other things, if you want to get the most out of article marketing, then it will help to know why it is so effective. There are three specific benefits of article marketing, and if you are not aware of them then you won’t know how to use them.

Your articles have the ability to pre-sell, and that should not be ignored regardless of how you currently use your articles. The art of pre-selling in copy, or articles, is necessary if you are to ever realize the greatest returns on your efforts. You want your readers and prospects to be warm and curious when they see your marketing copy, and that is the job of pre-selling in your articles or other materials. What do you think articles have that makes preselling possible? Publishing your articles can potentially reach many people, but for your readers all they see is someone not trying to sell them; but rather have a normal conversation about the market or problems and solutions. If you have ever read a review article, or seen a review website, then that is a perfect example of pre-sell copy. These honest reviews fill in the gap between the prospect and your actual sales copy. You can also include preselling copy in any kind of report, and when you think about it – that is really all a free report is. Actually, all articles in the sense we’re talking about are pre-sell articles.

Very many marketers appreciate the flexibility found in articles because the whole process is conducive to backlink building. Perhaps what most marketers prefer is submitting their various articles to the article directories, and some of them are highly regarded authority sites. You should incorporate article directory submissions with your other backlinking activities only because they will contribute in their own right.

Avoid neglecting the tons of keywords available for your market, there are more than you realize, and then just write your articles for as many as possible. Let’s take the example of the dog training market, there are literally thousands of keyword phrases aand possiblities for articles; probably more than you would ever want to write. Each article, in an article directory, will have a resource/bio box, and it’s important to select only those keywords relevant to that article to use as link anchor text. You can take advantage of articles and directories for getting useful and relevant backlinks to your website.

A side benefit, but a good one, that articles confer on you is the ability to establish yourself in your market as an authority. It’s no secret that people with expert status in a market will be better received. So in order to reach out to a larger audience, it’s important for you to show them your expertise, which will help you get a following.

You will discover that if you know what you’re talking about and provide real value with your content, then your audience will begin to listen to what you have to say. You’ll slowly start to have loyal readers who will want to read your articles on a regular basis. Over time you can attain expert status, depending on the niche of course, if you continue writing and performing good research for your content.

All in all, the benefits you can derive out of article marketing are immense, but how you utilize it for your online business is what really counts.

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