Simple Benefits of Article Marketing You Should Know

Article marketing is an extremely simple and powerful way to market an online product or website. If you apply the right techniques, it can get you some quality traffic in a short time. Let’s look more deeply into why article marketing is such an effective tool for internet marketers.

Effective article marketing is well known to raise page rank of website and individual web pages. As we all know, the page rank is really important in the eyes of Google, which is the biggest search engine amongst all. When you write and publish your article online, it gets distributed and shared on other websites, which obviously increases the backlinks to your site. Not only does your own page rank matter but the page rank of the sites that you get backlinks from also makes a difference in the effect it has on your site. You don’t have to focus on getting backlinks from all high PR web pages but it will help to at least have a few. Nowadays, getting respected in the eyes of Google is important because it sends the majority of traffic. Sites that have a good page rank are usually ranked well, because that’s the ranking algorithm used by Google. Your articles can bring you traffic from multiple sources. Consistent page rank can easily be achieved through article marketing because your backlinks stay active for a long time on most of the sites, especially the high page rank ones. This may one day apply to you so don’t forget; selling a site with a high page rank is easier and it will bring in more money.

Article marketing can give you bursts of traffic when you first post them and then traffic for years to come. There are article marketers who get traffic from their articles that were published years ago. Your articles will circulate around the web once different webmasters use your articles for their own site content. When anyone decides to use your article they must allow the links that you put in them to stay active in the article. Remember, your articles can’t perform their best for your site if you don’t get them to the first page for certain keywords. So, if you want long-term traffic then take the necessary steps to promote your articles. Be sure to post your articles on your blog and allow other bloggers to be able to share it with others as well. There are other creative tactics to use with article marketing that many marketers don’t take the time to explore.

Another benefit of using articles for marketing is that you can compile them into a free PDF report or eBook and distribute it online. These articles could be your existing articles that are already published online or have been laying around. This will give you viral traffic that is free of cost and that grows with time.

In fact, people will distribute your report for you once you make it available to them. Just be sure that you include re-distribution rights so readers will willingly share it. This is one of the most effective free techniques that is available; use it for your business.

This is how the straightforward method of article marketing can bring you results like no other online marketing tactic. Article marketing gets you quality visitors in a number of ways, and this can continue for years as your articles circulate.

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