The Most Important SEO Mistakes to Watch Out For

Sometimes your site can get banned, when you make mistakes with search engine optimization, more than just having your rankings hurt can come from it. Below you are given SEO mistakes that you should take care to avoid.

Not having much written content on your site and using lots of images instead is a fairly common SEO mistake. You can certainly use images that improve the way your site looks, but keep in mind that they don’t help much from an SEO point of view.

The search engines will rank you better for having original, quality content on your site, and visitors will appreciate this as well. There’s nothing wrong with using images, just don’t overdo it. A site that is overloaded with images, aside from not being well optimized, will also tend to be slow. be sure to place targeted keywords in their ALT tags. This is something that the search engines can read, unlike the image itself. The best way to deal with this is to try and replace most of the images with something that’s worthy to read and also has your keywords in it. When the search engines go through a site, it’s written content that impresses them most, so you should act accordingly.

If you want to succeed with SEO, you also have to make sure you never plagiarize. When you take content from somewhere else and post it on your site, claiming it to be yours, it will only affect your reputation with the search engines and bring down your rankings. The search engines will always treat you better when you use quality content that is original. Unique, helpful content is what the search engines want to make available to those who search. Besides that, there is something called the duplicate content filter, where the search engines filter out those sites that have duplicate content. The only type of duplicate content this filter seeks out, however, is that which appears more than once on one site. You can find a lot of content online that you have permission to use, but you have to leave the original writer’s name and other information intact. You are always better off sticking to ethical actions.

The speed of your site is also something you have to pay attention to, as the search engines look at this when they rank sites. Visitors don’t like slow sites either, of course. If you are using more code than is necessary, your site may not be running efficiently and this can harm your rank as well as annoy your visitors.

If you use an external CSS file rather than an internal one, you avoid this problem. Your page will load more quickly when you do this. Your site’s speed is important to the search engines because they want to provide their users with the best quality sites where they can quickly get what they need. Your goal, then, should be to make your site with both the search engines and the general public in mind.

All in all, search engine optimization is not rocket science, but only if you know the basics.

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