The Pros and Cons of Bring the Fresh

Bring the Fresh is the latest offering from Mike Long and Kelly Felix. They are the ones that brought you the Rich Jerk series, so you know they’re good at what they do. But just because the Rich Jerk was great, doesn’t mean this one’s going to be great, too. That wouldn’t be smart.

Bring the Fresh is pretty new-only a few months old and there is already a lot of hype surrounding this product. Keep reading to read out honest review of the product so that you can make up your mind whether or not to purchase it.

One of the strongest offerings from Bring the Fresh membership is just how much training in product creation its members are given. There are many different ways to earn money online but it seems that Bring the Fresh has no desire to be an affiliate sales supported membership program. We write this because a big part of this membership system is devoted to teaching members how to put together and then sell their own products so that they can earn money online. If there are two guys who know how to create a product, it will be these two guys. A single look at their history will reveal years filled with profitable product creation and sales.

However, this product will cost a pretty penny. The developers of this product really want to make it more budget friendly, but it really isn’t for the person that wants to save money. The most recent pricing information we can find says that the initial investment for this is ninety seven dollars. This amount covers your basic membership. If you want a full membership, you have to pay another $402. That a huge amount to pay. The developers of this product thought of a way so that you can divide the $402 into smaller amounts. You can just pay six payments of $67 per month. This makes it a little bit easier to swallow.

It is much easier to pay a monthly amount of $67 than it is a full $402.

One of the best things that Bring the Fresh has to offer is the affiliate training. Because of the affiliate marketing training, a Bring the Fresh membership will be priceless to a first time internet marketer. This training borrows lessons that the owners learned while they were creating the Rich Jerk and other applicable internet marketing templates. Kelly and Mike are very up front about the mistakes they’ve made so you’re sure to learn a lot.

The simple fact is that we couldn’t find anything not to like about Mike and Kelly and Bring the Fresh. These guys are very honest and up front and entertaining. They are known for their excellent products and though the membership price is not cheap, if you can afford it, you will definitely be able to take away at least a few things from it. Really, the decision is yours. If you can afford it, why not?

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