The Worst Mistakes You Can Make With Twitter Marketing

Although Twitter marketing is something everyone is doing, not everyone is doing it correctly. You are about to read about some blunders that can stop your progress.

You must be able to identify your target market before you even begin your Twitter marketing campaign. If you target your followers in a particular niche and then send them tweets on other topics, you will have a hard time holding their interest. Don’t make the typical mistake of forgetting about your niche and sending out tweets that are not relevant. Marketers will often send out tweets on many topics because they are trying to connect with their followers as much as possible, and this is a good motive. Yet you should still keep most of your tweets relevant or you can lose your focus. If your tweets are all over the map and have no consistency, it’s hard to build up your credibility in your niche. Once in a while there is absolutely no harm in tweeting fun stuff that your followers would like.

For most of the time, however, it’s a good idea to keep your tweets targeted on your main subject. This means that if you’ve decided to tweet about collecting coins, then that’s what you should be talking about most of the time. If you start to tweet about every other random thing you like, you’ll lose focus and also your followers.

Don’t make the mistake of not leveraging your followers for your marketing purposes. This isn’t to say you should expect your followers to do your marketing or selling for you. The idea is to use the followers you already have to gain more. Are you wondering how to do this? It involves nothing more than making a simple request to your followers, that they re-tweet a few of your better tweets! Nothing more than that.

This is a simple form of viral marketing, as your original tweet can quickly spread to your followers’ followers. You gain new followers when some of these people see your tweet and like what you’re saying. It won’t help if you’re too timid to make the request, and you could be missing many potential new followers. There is no reason not to ask them, as it’s simple enough to do and only shows that you believe in what you’re doing. You want to learn how to expand your influence on Twitter as efficiently as possible.

New Twitter marketers sometimes make the mistake of neglecting to post any content to their Twitter account before accumulating many followers. In order to effectively target a certain audience on Twitter, you should first be able to show them you know something about your topic and can write about it. Your own Twitter page should serve as an advertisement for your potential followers.

It’s a good idea to make sure you have already posted some helpful information in your targeted niche before you start seeking followers. So you can go far with Twitter as long as you avoid these blunders as well as any others that may come your way.

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