Three Affiliate Marketing Stories You Need to Know About

Every year affiliate marketing is attracting more newcomers. The reason many people are getting attracted to affiliate marketing is because they think it’s a simple and easy way to lots of money. Myths such as these will stall your progress so; lets take a close look at the most popular ones.

One of the more frequent myths circulating is that affiliate programs are all alike. But the real fact is that affiliate marketing consists of different type of formats. You can elect to choose between Cost per Action, Cost per Sale or Cost per Click, or even aim towards those that offer payouts to various tiers of referrals. These programs come under affiliate marketing but each of them performs a different job. With Cost per Action, you’re paid when your prospects complete a specific action, such as accepting a free sample or a free trial or even just leaving an email address. Cost per Sale is quite simply when you are paid your affiliate commission on each sale you’ve referred to the vendor. Cost per Click is when visitors coming to your website click on ads you have displayed and you get paid for each click. These program types all have similar principles, yet there are inherent differences. It’s true they each share the revenue they receive, but this is based on the number of clicks, sales or leads you refer. The differences highlighted here should indicate some of the vast potential available via affiliate marketing. With the level of flexibility and ease of choosing between methods of payout type, it’s easy to see why this is one of the simpler ways to make money on the Internet. However, it’s important to be sure you always stick to the terms and conditions laid out within the rules and regulations of the affiliate program you’ve chosen. Work hard not to use any form of spam in your promotions and you’ll be fine. Myth number two: it is easy to make millions on a small budget. Well, if you are looking out to just pay the bills and take care of your basic household expenses, then yes, you can definitely earn that money with affiliate marketing without having to invest anything. But when it comes to making a lot money, then you do need to have an upfront investment ready. The secret that to why all of the super affiliates make so much money compared to others is because many of them have perfected paid traffic sources and pour a lot of money into them and get a lot of money in return. Whereas when you choose the free methods to drive traffic, such as video marketing, article marketing, etc. you won’t be able to take it to that high level. If you want more then you have to invest. You know how important targeted traffic is; well that is where paid traffic beats out free traffic 10:1.

Many wrongly believe that it takes thousands of monthly visitors in order to make money.

You can get a million visitors a month but if they aren’t targeted then they won’t convert to buyers. The number of affiliate marketers who think that success is based on the number of visitors alone have a wakeup call coming when they discover that they still aren’t getting commissions. There is plenty of targeted traffic out there waiting for you; the only thing you need to do is to find ways of qualifying it. The key to turning your traffic profitable is simply finding people who are already interested in and in need of what you have. So, stop focusing on the numbers of visitors and start looking at the quality of them.

All in all, the myths that we discussed above are commonly believed by new affiliates. So, don’t listen to just anyone because they might not even know what they are talking about.

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