Three Article Marketing Truths

If there’s one online marketing technique that will never go out of fashion, it has to be article marketing. You’re about to learn about a few article marketing methods you should use.

Article marketing allows you to build in one way backlinks to your site that bring you relevant and targeted prospects. The value of high quality backlinks is known by even those who have just entered the Internet marketing venue. High search rankings are key in bringing inbound links to your site, and this depends on your SEO or search engine optimization. Article directories and other places are great sources for you to list articles you have written, providing backlinks to your site. The best part is overtime your search engine position will increase giving you an edge over other marketers. Also, why not use online automated article distribution services to help you. These services post your article to hundreds of relevant websites, giving you a boost to your incoming links. Once you sign up for such a service, all you have to do is write short articles related to your niche and submit it to them. Whatever process you go with, manual or automatic submission, article marketing will directly and indirectly benefit your business on the long run. Article marketing requires a great deal of front end effort, however it is very satisfying to watch traffic driven to your site from all areas of the web.

You can do whatever you want with the articles you put up online. You can re-use them wherever and whenever you want. Remember, this is valuable content that is helping out a lot of people, so why not leverage this content for a better purpose? First of all, these articles will keep on bringing you traffic from the places where they’re published. That, and the fact that it’s common sense to want to take all the articles you have online and put them with each other so that they’re as valuable as possible. For example, you could take your articles, put them into their own PDF file, and then you could give them to visitors as a report that doesn’t cost them anything. Your visitors will find that report very useful.

You can then let your visitors know that they can give your report to their friends for free so that you can get even more traffic. Your articles can be used to get more visitors in more ways than this. You must think outside the norm so that you can reuse your articles in some way.

All internet marketers know the power of Google when it comes to getting visitors. To maximize the usefulness of Google, it’s important to follow a few steps. Google uses page rank to determine the usefulness of a page. Article marketing makes it so that you can create links to your site using article directories that have a high page ranking. You will get a higher rank for your site, your site will get a higher page rank and you will be more in favor with Google.

You will see that is much more to article marketing, but you must learn more so that you can use them to your advantage.

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