Three Top Reasons to Use Article Marketing to Promote Your Business

If you are looking for a cost efficient means to get long-term quality traffic then there is no better way than to by doing it with article marketing. Following are a few tips you should be using to increase the results from your article marketing.

An important benefit of article marketing is that it helps you increase your site’s page rank. Simply, the higher your page rank the better, especially in Google’s eyes. The more sites you can get your article posted to; the more backlinks your site will eventually have pointing to it. Remember, web pages that have a high page rank is better to get a backlink posted on than one with a lower page rank. You don’t have to focus on getting backlinks from all high PR web pages but it will help to at least have a few. If you want to get a lot of search engine traffic then it would be wise to get your site conform to Google’s expectations so you can have and maintain high ranking that will bring a lot of exposure to your site. Google will usually show your site preference over others when a search is done if you have a high page rank. One of the best things about article marketing is the diverse places you will notice your traffic coming in from. Article marketing is an excellent way of building and maintaining stable page rank because your backlinks usually stay active for years. So if a time comes when you need to sell your website, your high PR will fetch you a better rate.

Article marketing is also very good for your website’s SEO (search engine optimization), as it builds quality backlinks for you. When you write articles and distribute them to various directories, websites, blogs, etc. you get a stream of relevant backlinks coming your way. There are many complex, expensive and devious ways to build backlinks, but article marketing gives you a free, simple and ethical way to do it. The backlinks you get from your articles are not limited to the places where you send them, as it’s likely that other sites in your niche will find them and publish them. Writing and submitting articles gives you quality backlinks that cost you nothing, and this is a method that is beyond reproach, unlike some backlinking systems. When you send your articles to directories, you get quality links from authority sites that the search engines highly value. Nor do you need to produce huge numbers of articles to get your backlinks. You can make good progress with your search engine rank by simply submitting a handful of good quality, relevant articles.

Your articles can also be combined to form an eBook of report that you can give away as an incentive, list builder, presell piece, and more. You can do this with any content that you already own. This will give you viral traffic that is free of cost and that grows with time.

You can give away this report to your subscribers, visitors and let them distribute it. Make it crystal clear that you want the report to be shared, and if it is a good read then the word will spread on its own. There are many Internet marketers who have benefited from this technique and have generated lots of free traffic to their site without paying a red cent.

All in all, the article marketing benefits we discussed above give us a clear understanding on how indulging in it can help you boost your online business. Your articles can bring you search engine traffic well into the future.

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