Top Twitter Mistakes Guaranteed to Kill Your Campaign

Twitter can really expand your internet marketing business, but only if you stay away from the mistakes we’re about to cover. You’re about to learn some blunders that you can easily avoid.

Relationship building is the core of any Twitter marketing campaign and starting to market to your followers without doing this would be a big mistake. It’s important to focus on forming relationships with your contacts before you even think about marketing to them. The concept is to form a bond so tight that any promotion you send will instantly be well received. It’s a mistake to think of Twitter marketing as just another form of marketing. It’s merely an implement of solidifying your relationship with your contacts. What you’re trying to do is form relationships so strong that you can use them to make profit later when you finally do start telling them about your products. You are just alleviating a problem they may have and this alleviation comes from the products you promote. You are basically recommending the products to your prospects instead of becoming a salesperson. You cannot make money through Twitter unless you learn this. Ignoring it can make or break your campaign. Think how you would feel if someone just tweeted you about a product without even knowing who they were. You have to build a foundation here by sharing useful tweets that contain targeted information, only then can you think about working on the marketing part. Another common Twitter mistake marketers make is when they keep things very professional almost to a fault, because they’re afraid to turn anyone off and have them quit. It’s almost a disease to seems to strike every new Twitter user. This is where you’re so afraid to send out too many Tweets for fear that someone will think you’re being pushy, or rude. Actually, you have to do the opposite of that. If you only send out a tweet here and there, you will never get seen since you’ll be competing again loads of other tweets. Twitter is used this way. When you think of how many followers you have, you also have to consider your followers’ followers. If you send out a single tweet a day, you will see your tweet instantly disappear in the sea of tweets it has to compete with. Use your head and tweet as often as you can without looking like a spammer.

Don’t commit the other common Twitter mistake which is to use the incorrect language. If you constantly cuss, people will want to stay away from you. You want them seeing you as someone trustworthy who is both knowledgeable in the field you operate in and caring in that you want to help them with their problems. If you are constantly using language that offends people, you will likely find people not wanting to do business with you.

Now that you are aware of some of the more common Twitter marketing mistakes, you should be able to avoid them when you get started on Twitter.

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