Twitter Marketing – Avoiding Simple Twitter Mistakes

Marketing on Twitter has become a common way to approach your target market, thanks to the millions of users. In this article, we’ll be looking at several mistakes that you have to be careful to avoid when marketing on Twitter.

Twitter marketing is just like other methods of marketing. The principles are the same and the rules aren’t any new. Too many marketers commit the Twitter blunder where they make all their communications about themselves and they forget about the people they’re trying to target. Let’s face it; nobody is interested in the specifics of your product. People aren’t going to pay attention if you just drone on about your product. You cannot speak about yourself or how important you are if you want to get anywhere. You simply need to convey what your product does and how it can benefit them. Your prospect must understand the benefits extremely clearly. You may have the perfect product that does everything, but if the prospect doesn’t know what it will do for him, he’ll pass it up. The reason you made a profile on Twitter in the first place was to expand your business by increasing your sales numbers, contacts and your profit. Remember never to insult or offend any of your followers. Remember, Twitter is a thriving community where people value people, which leads to better relationships. You should approach it as you’re one of them, and you’re just recommending this product instead of coming off like a salesperson. Last but not the least, don’t put all your efforts into bragging about the product, but rather be subtle in your approach and have a balance. Some internet marketers make the mistake of being as polite as possible on Twitter, because they fear that people will become offended or upset and leave. This leads to what I would call as the “Twitter Politeness Syndrome”. This is where you think that tweeting too many times will be rude or make your followers to hate you. But it has to be the other way round. If you don’t send out lots of tweets, you will never stand alone amongst the thousands of tweets you’ll have to compete with. Twitter is used this way. When you think of how many followers you have, you also have to consider your followers’ followers. If you were to only tweet once per day, your tweet would never be seen because it would have to compete with so many others. Knowing that, you’ll want to increase your tweets to say, every five minutes or something.

When trying to get more contacts using Twitter, try to use language that’s appropriate. If you constantly cuss, people will want to stay away from you. Keep in mind that it’s all about appearing professional and conveying an image that you’re someone they can do business with. If you act inappropriately, your reputation may be ruined. All in all, stay away from the Twitter mistakes we just spoke about and you’ll go far, as long as you’re always on the look out for new ones.

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