Twitter Marketing Errors that You Can’t Afford to Make

Social networking sites have completely transformed the internet landscape, and Twitter is among the leaders. Twitter marketing can be very beneficial to your business, provided you don’t unknowingly make any of the following mistakes.

It’s essential that you are clear about who your targeted prospects are when you market on Twitter. After you find targeted followers in your niche, you can’t expect to keep them interested if the information you send them is not relevant. Many marketers lose their focus and tweet on topics that have nothing to do with their targeted niche. Many marketers feel they have to tweet on many subjects in order to have their followers relate to them, a concern which has some validity. At the same time, though, it’s important to stay on topic most of the time. If you’re going to mix too much of random information in your tweeting, then obviously your followers would feel that you’re off track. Once in a while there is absolutely no harm in tweeting fun stuff that your followers would like.

But besides that, make sure your tweets fall into the category what you’re targeting. That means if your main topic is golf, then you should be mostly focused on giving your followers information on this subject. If you start to tweet about every other random thing you like, you’ll lose focus and also your followers.

Don’t make the mistake of not leveraging your followers for your marketing purposes. This doesn’t mean asking them to market your business for you. What you can do, however, is build up your list of followers by enlisting the help of your current followers. How can this be done? It’s just a matter of getting your followers to re-tweet your best tweets, a simple task! That’s all there is to it.

This is a simple form of viral marketing, as your original tweet can quickly spread to your followers’ followers. Your influence on Twitter can grow rapidly this way, as when new people read your tweets they may start following you. But if you get shy when asking them, it simply means that you’re not using their full potential. This is a perfectly legitimate thing to ask people, as they aren’t obligated and it only takes them a few seconds to do. This is an example of worker smarter rather than harder when it comes to Twitter marketing.

Another mistake beginners at Twitter marketing often make is trying to get lots of followers before they’ve built up a good number of tweets of their own. You want to give people a sample of your own content before you start targeted followers in your niche. Your own Twitter page should serve as an advertisement for your potential followers.

It’s worth the effort, then, to write some good tweets on your main topic and then start to look for followers, who are more likely to follow you at that point.

Overall, Twitter marketing is fairly straightforward as long as you approach it the right way and steer clear of the mistakes we’ve been discussing.

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