Use These Link Building Tips to Succeed

Internet marketers know how valuable backlinks can be, which is why they’re always searching for innovative ways to go about it. When getting links, however, it’s important to do it the correct way. You’ll also want to go about the whitehat methods, as blackhat can get you banned. What you’re about to read are very ethical means of garnering as many backlinks as possible.

Exchanging links is a common method for building website backlinks. This method has been used for ages. However, this is not the case anymore because search engines are a lot more intelligent and give more weight to backlinks that are one way. But, this doesn’t suggest that reciprocal linking does not exist. You have to be more secretive about exchanging links and don’t use the wrong sites. There are websites that were created just for exchanging links, but don’t use them. Instead look for sites that have content that is relevant to yours and use reciprocal linking with them instead. For example, you might have a blog in the “Martial Arts” niche that focuses on “Judo Training”. You can find other blogs that talk about “Judo Training” and see if you can link to each other. This way, even the search engines won’t have any problem, since it’s completely legal, helpful and relevant.

When you are building backlinks, things are better if you are unique and ethical with your methods. One valid way of building one way backlinks to your website is using Squidoo and HubPages. These are revenue sharing sites that let you write your own information articles and share them with your specified audience. The best thing about these websites is the fact that you can build anchor text on them, which makes them perfect tools for your link building venture. Don’t exploit these sites by doing illegal things, but instead utilize them as a part of your link building success. Search engines will give your backlinks more ranking when they see than they are on sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages which have link juice. As a result your pages on these websites will rank well as give link juice to your own keywords and webpages.

Finally, but not least, you can get backlinks by writing press releases. All you need to do is to create press release and forward them to distribution services like PRWeb and PRWire, and see your backlinks increase. All in all, link building can be seen as the epitome of any successful SEO campaign, without which it is not complete. Just remember that more backlinks is the name of the game when it comes to gaining a higher spot in the serps.

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