What are the Benefits of Article Marketing

Can article marketing direct more traffic to your site without costing you anything? Article marketing is your answer. This study will discuss some of the benefits of article marketing to give you a clearer picture of how it all works.

Website owners and internet marketers are constantly on the lookout for ways to boost the traffic that comes to their site without them having to do very much. Article marketing will do this for you because writing articles and putting them online means traffic will be able to see your articles any time they want to. If you want that flood of good traffic, however, you’ll need to create your articles using search engine optimization. What you’ll get is a higher search engine ranking and you’ll also be able to use your articles to filter quality traffic to your site.

Your traffic will continue to flood to your site, unless your site drops in the search engine rankings, which is inevitable. That’s why you will need to write and submit new articles so that your traffic is constant. You may also have website owners and bloggers taking your articles and putting them on their sites so that you can get some of the traffic they experience. These websites may take your articles and put them up on their own sites for years and years, which means you’ll enjoy traffic for that amount of time, too. Also, many article marketing directories get popular and old with time, which means they become a stronger authority in the eyes of the search engines, and since your article will be on them, you’ll be able to achieve a good rank without going through the trouble like new sites. This is also a way to do research on what products give you the best response. When looking for the best converting product many affiliate marketers find this very helpful. You can create article marketing campaigns for each of the product that you want to target and track all the article views, link click-through rate, the product conversion rate, etc. This would give you a fair idea on where you stand what should be your next step. Once you determine the product you wish to target long term, you can cut the rest and focus your attention there, creating individual campaigns for the one product.

You will also find that this technique brings traffic not just from search engines but also from ezines, newsletters, blogs and other sources. You won’t even have to ask for the traffic with good articles, they will get republished, sending traffic your way. Talking about the search engines, choosing the right keyword of when your article gets ranked will flood your site with thousands of visitors in just a couple days. This is why article marketing is so lucrative and effective, you get so much without even paying for it. This shows how powerful article marketing can be and the kind of returns you can expect int he long run.

Article marketing has many other perks, but you must learn how to use them to make money.

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